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How to make your NY

resolution sticky.

Evidence based tips to be considered for maximising your New Year resolution success.

Set clear intention

Time out over the festive season may have you focused and determined to seize genuine change of mind or body. Setting realistic achievable intentions will help to avoid a “false hope syndrome” where early abandonment of your intentions through lack of reinforced progress occurs. Stay positive and be patient.  Most attempts at self-change take longer than most people anticipate. 

Positive Community

Charting a course for success is so often a team effort.  Articulating your intention to a supportive community can increase your changes of longer term adoption. Remember Jan 1 is just an arbitrary date. Committing to change is a state of mind that is transfixed on one specific desired intention, the date is largely irrelevant.

Relapses are not terminal

Expect that you might not succeed at first.  Repeated attempts at self-change take time.  Avoid internalising a failed attempt, instead reinvest your energy in resuming your previously abandoned quest with fresh determination knowing that genuine change is a state of mind conveyed through a multitude of simple and small actions and dogged determination.

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